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All Classes and Meditations are by donation. No one will be turned away for lack of money.

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Insights from Three Years in Deep Meditation Retreat

  Tuesday July 29th 7:00 – 9:30pm After 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days in deep silent meditation retreat, six committed individuals share their insights for addressing our busy New York lives.Join us with retreaters Grant, Coco, Tamara, James, Kristin, and Vimala as they discuss their personal experiences in retreat. What its like to […]

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Ethical Life

ACI 9: The Ethical Life with Hector Marcel

COURSE 9: The Ethical Life, Level 1 of Buddhist Discipline (Vinaya). Teacher: Hector Marcel The Ethical Life covers the Buddhist code of ethics and the relationship between an ethical way of life, meditating deeply, and experiencing ultimate reality. This Course is based upon the Sutra on Vowed Morality (Vinaya Sutra) by Master Gunaprabha (500 AD), […]

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