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The Three Jewels provides Meditation, Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhist study classes on a donation based system. Located in a renovated loft space near Union Square in New York City, The Three Jewels functions as a Meditation, Yoga, Dharma, and Outreach Center for the community. We offer a variety of Yogic styles from many traditions, which compliment our Formal Study Courses and informal drop-in classes. Read more…


The Three Jewels offers the following classes:

  • Dharma: Join us at one of our weekly donation based Dharma classes & events. Learn ethics, compassion, and wisdom according to the original teachings of the Buddha. Meet amazing New Yorkers.
  • Meditation: Discover the joy of a quiet mind. Daily donation based guided meditation classes and instruction.
  • Yoga: Maximize happiness and wisdom with guided asana practice. High Quality teachers, small classes, and affordable rates.


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