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All Dharma Classes and Meditations are by donation. No one will be turned away for lack of money. Yoga is only $15! Great deal! Come visit.

Daily practice musing

Musing on a daily practice of The Six Perfections

The Guide to The Bodhisattva’s Way of Life. Master Shantideva suggests that the secret to our happiness is to stop worrying about our own happiness all the time and start worrying about the happiness of someone else. The Six Perfections train the mind to think “what can I do for someone else?” Please join us as […]

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Mindfullness Meditation and 3 Paths to Happiness

Learn the techniques of mindfulness meditation and the ancient secrets of the Tibetans for leading a happy and meaningful life.  This class will serve participants new to meditation and those who already have an established practice. We will go over the graded stages on the path to enlightenment and discuss the stages of realization  and […]

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