Three Weeks Unlimited Yoga for $30

The Three Jewels is a community driven non-profit that offers Meditation, Yoga, and Dharma classes in the heart of the East Village.

  • Dharma: Join us at one of our weekly donation based Dharma classes & events. Learn ethics, compassion, and wisdom according to the original teachings of the Buddha. Meet amazing New Yorkers.
  • Meditation: Discover the joy of a quiet mind. Daily donation based guided meditation classes and instruction.
  • Yoga: Align your body to open your mind. Vinyasa style small classes (12 person max) with personal instruction and hands-on adjustments at a very affordable rate.
  • Community Outreach: Let us give back to the community with special offerings such as free and donation based yoga and our weekly AA meditation meetings. Or help on a larger scale with our volunteering project, 108 Lives, where we help schools, orphanages and people in Nepal.


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FOCUS OF THE MONTH: January – Tadasana

We become whole by stopping how the mind turns. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.2 Yogash chitta virtti nirodhah. There is a reason that in the yoga practice we seek to find Tadasana in every pose. Tadasana, [...]

Stepping Back and Slowing Down: How to Recenter and Put the Plug on Your Nervous Energy

“Do anything fun this weekend?” This became my least favorite question in casual conversation. It was mostly because I found I was unable to remember what I did beyond the previous day. Permanently branded into [...]