yoga at three jewelsWe offer small classes (12 person max) with hands-on adjustments and personal instruction at an unbeatable rate. Its like having an “in-class private” every class!

We teach a Vinyasa-style practice that incorporates all eight limbs into each class. This Iyengar-informed, Ashtanga-inspired practice is also sprinkled with the Yoga philosophy of Master Patanjali and the teachings of the Buddha.

Yoga is famous for increasing physical strength and flexibility, as well alleviating stress and other negative emotions. We think this is a great start, but there’s much more to the story. We view yoga as being part of an entire life-practice that is intended to help you maximize your full potential and enjoyment as a human being. This system, traditionally called Raja, or Regal Yoga, entails physical practices, conscious breathing exercises, cultivation of positive mental qualities through meditation, and mindfulness of our interactions in the world. The goal? Maximizing happiness, wisdom, and ability in every area of your life. Along the way, a fitter body and more relaxed mind do come about… but why stop there?

Yoga is designed to be practiced with regularity. To encourage you to truly taste the benefits of practice, we offer introductory specials & monthly unlimited options. Get into Yoga. See how good life can be.

Mat rental, towels, restrooms, and changing rooms are all available.

Three Jewels is committed to environmental sustainability. We strive to make as many green choices as possible.


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What are Vinyasa Style Classes?

Vinyasa literally means” to place in a special way” when translated from Sanskrit to English. It has many meanings, but the most relatable is a specific sequence of breath synchronized movements used to transition between sustained postures. Another meaning is setting an intention for one’s personal practice and taking the necessary steps toward reaching that goal.



Personal attention, modifications, and use of props make this class perfect for those interested in delving into foundational alignment and precision within the postures. Basic breathing exercises and meditation techniques will be offered along with movement to learn how to bring the mind to a concentrated state. There is no expectation of previous experience or practice, we simply cultivate the beginner’s mind and start where we are.



Open Level

Our Open Level Vinyasa Yoga classes are as diverse as the teachers who offer them. Classes incorporate creative sequencing, yoga philosophy, meditation and pranayama (breathwork). Expect a dynamic flow progressing through standing postures, forward folds, backbends, inversions, balancing poses and twists. A basic understanding of yoga asana is recommended as less instruction will be given on specific alignment and foundational postures.



Our most challenging offering suits students with a consistent yoga practice. Postures that push the boundaries of balance, flexibility and strength are included. Expect an energetic Vinyasa flow and to explore advanced inversions, complex arm balances, yoga philosophy and meditation techniques. An assumption that each student undestands Ujjayi pranayama and is comortable in an Open Level class makes for the best experience of the Intermediate/Advanced practice.


Restorative Flow

This mash-up class combines fluid Vinyasa flow with rejuvenating Restorative Yoga supported by props. The combination of heat-building asana juxtaposed with conscious relaxation guides you into bliss. Prepare to gently build up a sweat, quiet your mind and completely let go. A basic understanding of yoga asana is recommended, but not required.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga facilitates relaxation on the cellular level, balancing the nervous system and boosting the immune system, moving one toward deep stillness. Practiced mostly on the floor in seated or supine postures with the support of bolsters, cushions, blankets and other yoga props, this practice is extremely effective for soothing mind, body and soul. This class is gentle enough for every body but typically more challenging mentally.


Community Yoga

Community Yoga classes are our offering to the community, our sangha, as an act of seva (selfless service) by the teachers who lead them. Classes are led by teachers in training and are offered for free. We always welcome donations.


Mindful Yoga for Veterans (and everyone)

Mindful yoga is a practice accessible to everyone, regardless of yoga experience, age, size, strength or flexibility. It comprises physical movement (asana), breathwork (pranayama), meditation and restorative postures, with an emphasis on alignment, curiosity and stress relief. Classes are by donation ($15 suggested) and a percentage of all donations will benefit various veterans organizations.

new to yoga

New to Yoga

  • We offer small classes with hands-on adjustments and personal instruction – it’s like having a private session every class!
  • Yoga is designed to be practiced with regularity. We recommend practicing 2–3 times per week to get “in the flow”. Our affordable classes and community offerings make this a possibility for everyone.
  • Any class on our schedule labeled “Basic” is suitable for beginners. We recommend that beginners set up in the center of the room to better hear instructions and to see fellow practitioners around the room (in case you need a visual guide).
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for class, so you can check-in, get changed, and organize yourself in a relaxed manner. We have a 10 minute grace period for latecomers. If you are joining class late, please quietly enter and do not gather props or set up your mat if the teacher is leading a dharma discussion, singing mantra or practicing meditation with the students. It is polite to wait until the physical asana practice begins rather than disturbing the energy of the space.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Some practitioners prefer tighter, stretchable clothing as it tends to get in the way less. We practice barefoot.
  • Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise regime. If you have had a recent surgery, are recovering from an injury, or if you are practicing with any chronic issues, please inform the teacher prior to class. This will allow for open dialogue before and during the class to ensure the practice is safe for you, specifically.
  • It is best to refrain from eating 1 – 2 hours before class. Practicing yoga too close to meal time may result in indigestion.
  • Mat rental is $2. Towels, restrooms, and changing rooms are available. Sorry, we do not have showers.

We’re always here for you. Please contact us with specific questions at


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New Student Special

3 Weeks Unlimited | $30

Standard Rates

Drop-in | $15

5 Class Pack | $65 (2 month expiration)

10 Class Pack | $120 (4 month expiration)

20 Class Pack | $200 (8 month expiration)

Monthly Unlimited | $79 (no contract, month-to-month)

Community Class | By Donation (suggested $10)

Mat Rental | $2