Meditation ClassesMeditation is the practice of training your mind. Our minds are easily distracted, especially in a city like New York. We will teach you how to drop all of the distractions and observe your present mind. Once you are able to calm your mind, you can start to experience the benefits of meditation. Benefits include emotional balance; reduced stress, anxiety and depression levels; increased memory; sustained focus and clarity; and increased cognitive skills and overall happiness. The ultimate goal of meditation is to directly experience the truth that destroys suffering and reach a state of nirvana or Buddhahood, a state of complete freedom.


meditation morning classes

Morning Meditation

Donation-based guided meditations every weekday. Meditation techniques vary. We offer an array of methods, including visualization, loving-kindness, and single pointed concentration methods, depending on the teacher and the students. Feel free to make requests.


Monday–Friday, 8:00–9:00 a.m. All levels and drop-ins welcome.
$15 suggested donation.

meditation lunch classes

Lunch Break Meditation

Stop. Sit. Relax. Get on with your day. Our 30-minute lunch break meditations are offered for anyone who wants to take a short break during their day to meditate, gain some clarity, and rejuvenate.


Every Monday–Friday, 1:30–2:00 p.m. All levels and drop-ins welcome.
$7 suggested donation.

mind yoga

Mind Yoga

The goal of meditation is to directly experience the truth that destroys suffering everywhere. But many meditators get stuck in their practice because they lack a foundation of “skillful methods.” There are over 40 Buddhist meditation subjects beyond “mindfulness” alone; most of which I have practiced to the benefit of release, relaxation, patience, forgiveness, shakti force, and mental power. You can too! Whatever I have practiced and understood directly I can share with you as is beneficial. Put an end to anger, sorrow, psychic knots, and obstructing beliefs using the fruit of your practice. Let me help you radiate your deepest inner smile.


First 2 Fridays of every month 7-8PM.

mind like a cloud

Mind Like a Cloud

In this class we will focus on letting go of all attachment to and grasping at mind and mental formations. To bring about this release we’ll employ a variety of Lam Rim meditations (Steps on the Path) intended to diminish self-cherishing, and to develop wisdom,and strong compassion.


Last 2 Fridays of the Month 7 – 8pm.


Friday Night Guided Meditation with Lama Phuntsok

Join us for guided meditations every friday night on compassion and wisdom with Lama Phuntsok. Lama Phuntsok has been teaching meditation at Three Jewels for over 15 years. His instruction comes directly from his teachers and his own personal experience of the buddhist path.