DharmaDharma is the teachings of the Buddha. At The Three Jewels, we have built our whole foundation from these teachings. We believe that through the Buddha’s teachings, one can reach total enlightenment and free oneself and others from all of the sufferings of the world. What a beautiful world that would be.


We offer Dharma classes on a weekly basis and host special teachings from visiting scholars and masters on a monthly basis.


Classes are always free, or by donation. We suggest donating $15.
Drop-ins always welcome.


Geshe Michael Roach

Asian Classics Institute (ACI) Courses

Become a Buddhist Master in the heart of New York City! These 15 courses describe the entire Buddhist path in full detail translated from ancient Tibetan scriptures by Geshe Michael Roach.
The Three Jewels offers an ongoing series of formal Buddhist courses from the curriculum of the Asian Classics Institute (ACI). ACI is dedicated to the serious study and personal practice of the original teachings of the Buddha. The Institute was established by Geshe Michael Roach under the spiritual direction of Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Tharchin, a distinguished scholar and master of Buddhism from Tibet. This program condensed the essence of the Six Great Books of Buddhism into a series of 15 formal study courses. Those courses impart the basic core of information that a Geshe (Doctor of Theology) learns at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery.


Become a Master of Buddhism and learn how to master your mind and body. Classes are always free, or by donation. Drop-ins always welcome. For class dates and times, please check the schedule.

Dharma Junkies

Dharma Junkies

Dharma Junkies is a group of people supporting their spiritual practice and discussing what it is to live and work as conscious individuals responsible for their community and their world. Dharma Junkies is hosted by Joe Mauricio, a teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition with over twenty years’ experience.


Guided meditation, group discussion and spontaneous waking chaos make this a unique and magical encounter.


Wherever you are, wherever you’re at, just bring it and we’ll meet you here Wednesdays from 7:00–9:00pm.